We believe your child should be your only priority.

We take care of the rest so you can focus on their care.

What we do

We give immediate practical support to families with a critically ill child in hospital.

When a child requires specialist treatment they may be hospitalised for an extended period, and they may be treated many miles from home. The financial pressure families face in these situations can make a bad situation worse. We can help.

"Evie’s Gift have helped so many families when they need it most, and I’m so grateful you guys exist"

Lorna Murkin, Social Worker, Young Lives vs Cancer

How we help

Hotel Accommodation

We know you want to be close to your child. If there is no hospital affiliated accommodation available, we can help cover several days of hotel costs when your child is first admitted. We always try to source a hotel within a mile of the hospital where possible.

Food Costs

We understand that if you are a low-income family, buying food on the go can become expensive. We also recognise that for those on certain employment contracts, taking time off work to support a child can reduce income significantly. We can help with a grant towards food costs.

Travel Costs

Travelling to and from the hospital can be costly, particularly if you have to make a return journey every day on a tight budget. We can help with travel expenses, whether for petrol or for public transport costs.

We offer help immediately after a child goes into hospital, so please apply within a week of their admission.

How to apply

All applications must be submitted by a third party, either a professional from the hospital where your child is being treated, or from a charity that is supporting you. We cannot accept applications directly from applicants. If you are unsure who to ask, we advise you to speak to a nurse on the ward.

If you are a professional with an NHS or charity email address, you may apply here:

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