Fundraising Ideas


5 easy wins:

1. Switch to online shopping via All you need to do is register with them and choose us as your charity. Once registered, type in the shop you want to use in the search bar at the top, click on the link and we receive a donation of between 0.5% and 12% on your purchase.
2. If you work in an office, recycle your inkjet printers at Select Evie’s Gift as your chosen charity and we
will receive up to £2 per cartridge.
3. Send any leftover foreign currency to and they will send us the converted cash. It covers any currency in the world, including those no longer in circulation.
4. Ask your local restaurant/off-licence/deli/post office if they’d put a collection tin on the counter. We’ll send you one.
5. Find out if your local supermarket will support us through token schemes, local grant schemes, or other initiatives.

5 money-makers from home:

1. Go through your wardrobe/attic/garage and sell unwanted items on eBay, then donate the proceeds.
2. Bake some brownies/blondies/cookies and sell them at work or at school.
3. Host a dinner party to raise money for us. Create a menu, set a dress code, invite your friends, and ask for donations.
4. Ask the fam to sponsor you to stay silent/shave your head/clean out the shed.
5. Grow and sell some plants from the comfort of your own front garden.

5 work-related challenges:

1. The Step Challenge. Go head-to-head with your colleagues to see who can put down the most steps in a week. Ask for sponsorship and award a prize to the winner.
2. Office bake sale! Everyone loves cake. Make it a themed effort. Cakes from
around the world! Or a cake competition with prizes for the best ones.
3. Why not make it a team challenge and make your fundraising a shared effort? You could climb a mountain or hike a coastal path. You could learn a dance routine. It’s team building and it’s money-raising!
4. Swear-box. Real one. Digital one. Doesn’t matter. Just as long as we get £1 every time the internet goes down and someone shouts $***!
5. Themed outfit day. Everyone wears red. Everyone wears an animal onesie. Everyone dresses like it’s the 80s. Charge a few quid and have a good laugh.

5 personal challenges:

1. Take part in one of the many cycling events going on in the UK and donate the sponsorship to us.
2. You’ve always wanted to run that marathon, right…. Right?
3. Three Peaks Challenge, madame? After all, who wants one peak when you can conquer three?
4. It’s Tuesday, the sky is blue (sort of), why not jump out of an aeroplane? Come on, everyone’s doing it.
5. Dry January, you say? Movember? Sugar-free Februar-ee? Okay, I made the last one up. But you could be the one to make it a thing…

5 BIG-hitters:

1. Why not start an appeal for us? You could use a crowd-funding platform to show the world who we are and why we matter!
2. Know anyone rich? If you happen to know a multi-millionaire who’s touched by our work and you think they might support us, ask them for us.
3. Ask the company you work for to make us their Charity of the Year or fundraise on our behalf.
4. Create a community fundraising event. Put on a concert featuring local musicians, or a film festival featuring up and coming filmmakers. Put your name on the map and help us all at the same time.
5. Take on a challenge that demonstrates you’re truly extraordinary. Run an ultra-marathon or complete an iron-man. Cycle 1000 miles. Circumnavigate the globe on foot. Break the skipping world record. Thing BIG!
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